Welcome to Flow, a multi-brand bathroom store where the conventional showroom typology has been redefined. A number of bathing environments are presented in a detached, self-contained niche, each one housing an evocative intervention by a local artist.

Essentially, FLOW is more hybrid art-gallery than commercial outlet: an idea that has been developing in the minds of its desingers and owners for the past three years. Each environment was processed by a three-stage design exercise. The architects first developed a concept for each brand, fostering different themes; industrial, retro, minimalist, tradiitonalist, organic, surreal, morbid and others which aren't that straightforward to define. The second stage involved selecting the commercial materials and products and meticulously assembling them in each niche, under idyllic lighting. Finally, thirteen different artists were approached to revisit the spaces and add their own meaning, interpretation and media to each space.

Copyright 2012 Flow.